Ahmad Khawaja: The Real Pseudo Prime Minister

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Ahmad Khawaja is a 40 year old comedian who lives in India. He was coined as the best Impersonator in their country. He was able to mimic a lot of people. He could imitate their gestures, their way of talking, walking and many more. One of the most outrageous moments was when he became India's Prime Minister for about 3 hours.

Ahmad discovered his God given talent when he was 13 years old. During that time, he still can not imitate people's faces; all he can imitate was their gestures and facial expression. He usually performs in their classes to imitate some of his teachers and classmates.

It was only when he was 16 years old when he realized, he could imitate even how they look like. During that time, he joined their school play and had been the best protagonist or villain in their plays. No matter what character will you assign him, he could definitely do justice for it.

In his college, where he took theater arts, his way of acting and mimicking has improved immensely. He was able to imitate Indian politicians, celebrities and other popular people. He was even paid just to mimic them in a party or events. This eventually became his job and he has been a professional impersonator.

One of the most scandalous parts of his career is when; the then Indian Prime Minister Rajesh Mukhtaba asked his service to attend in one of the events to be attended by most powerful and known people in India. It was a challenge for Ahmad that's why he gratefully accepted the offer. This was done purely out of fun and since he was really brave and wanted to try something new, he immediately went to his dresser and tried clothes to look like the prime minister.

After a week of studying and scrupulous observation on the prime minister's gestures and facial expression, he is now ready to face India as their Pseudo-Prime Minister for the next 3 hours. He came to the party with the Prime Minster's wife and he was really very nervous. He talked with Indian businessman, politicians, celebrities, beauty queens and a lot more known people without ever noticed. There was just an incident when the Prime Minister's wife noticed that his moustache was nearly been out of place. Ahmad Khawaja was so grateful that it might have ruined his plans.

After three hours of talking with people. The real Prime Minster came to the scene and when some people have noticed that there are two Prime Ministers in that event, media came and started panicking. It was covered all over the world and has been the start of Ahmad Khawaja's fame and became popular all over the world. After that incident, Ahmad Khawaja was coined the best impersonator in the history of India and in the world.
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Ahmad Khawaja: The Real Pseudo Prime Minister

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This article was published on 2011/01/06